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In 1998 Clamason sourced its’ first tool from the Far East. It’s fair to say we got what we paid for but quickly discovered that if we managed our potential suppliers and educated them into how a UK press shop needs its’ tools constructed there was great potential, not just in cost saving alone, but more importantly – time.

Edward Bradley started travelling in 1997 to Japan, he was already an established toolmaker and over the next twenty years he expanding his experience including working in China from 2010 to 2015 sourcing up to 300 tools per year.

By the time Ed joined us in 2017 to manage our resources in the far east we’d already established a solid base from whom we imported more than £1 million worth of tooling per year. They’re built to exacting UK standards with EU quality steels but significantly in under ten weeks irrespective of the size of the project.

And whilst our engineers supported the toolmakers with regular skype, email and the occasional visit, it’s not the same as having a man on the ground. We now have that key man in the east who sees the tools tested with production materials and is able to make key decisions, speeding up our deliveries and ensuring the highest possible quality before they’re shipped to our manufacturing facilities.

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