Bauromat HiArc 200M Manufactured for Clamason Industries

Bauromat has recently shipped one of its standard robotic welding systems to Clamason Industries, a European leader in the manufacture of precision pressings and stampings.

The HiArc 200M is one of a larger series of compact robotic welding systems designed for arc welding purposes and comes with manual or powered manipulators. Manufactured integrating a Kyrus manual rotary manipulator, this 200M system enables the operator to input the parts and begin the cycle manually, ensuring the system maintains its high level of quality.

Loading two assemblies into the Bauromat designed and manufactured tooling, the operator then manually rotates the manipulator into the system, beginning the cycle.

Programmed by Bauromat’s experienced robotic engineers, the Kawasaki BA006N follows the programmed weld path, joining the three parts to form a small pressing assembly. Due to sensors in the tooling, the system understands what has been input and reacts accordingly. For instance, if the parts are incorrectly loaded, the robot will not begin the cycle. Likewise, if only one set of the parts has been loaded, the robot will only weld one assembly, ignoring the empty fixture.

The full Fronius robot package has also been integrated into this system. Consisting of a TPS320i MIG welding power source, wire feeder, loom, torch and crash system, all parts that assist in making the welding process as quick and efficient as possible. The system also includes a Tipman torch cleaner which removes debris from the torch tip to maintain welding quality with each cycle.

Fronius also provide PMC (Pulse Multi-Control) and LSC (Low Spatter Control) Software, both of which are included in this HiArc 200M. In maintaining a clean and quality weld, PMC controls the heat input to minimize distortion of the part, adjusting the arc and keeping it stable, while LSC, as the name would suggest, is based on a short-circuited transfer mode which is modified to minimize spatter and increase arc stability. A high-quality weld is essential to mass production and Fronius provide all the facilities to ensure this.

Like all Bauromat systems, this HiArc 200M is enclosed using Talos guarding by Kyrus, a high-quality construction made of aluminium extrusions and easily changed panels. Fortress Interlocks safety access fittings are also integrated into the system for ultimate machine and user security.

Production of the completed part, which has been designed and manufactured for a high profile automotive customer, will begin in the coming weeks at Clamason’s Kingswinford UK headquarters.

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