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Driverless cars are a step closer thanks to Aptiv technology and good old fashioned metal bashing from Clamason.

For many years the Delphi organization has been at the forefront of automotive electronics relying on Clamason Industries as a key supplier of pressings, stamping and precision metal assemblies worldwide. At the end of 2017 Delphi split off its’ powertrain activities from electronics and a new brand was introduced, Aptiv with the aim of perfecting completely integrated autonomous vehicles.

Aptiv invited Clamason to assist in the development of their forward facing active radar and Clamason in turn referred to Bauromat to help with the welded assembly.

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The robotic welding equipment has arrived at Clamason in preparation for the launch of the safety system later this year. The process will be proven in the UK before final installation at our Slovak facility.

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