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Securistyle – Window Hardware

Clamason’s know-how opens a window of opportunity for easy-cleaning facility on Securistyle’s new Defender Egress’ range.
Cheltenham-based Ambien Pills To Buy (an Ambien Online Overnight Shippingcompany) is one of the largest UK manufacturers of window hardware components such as hinges, handles and locking mechanisms. Its market-leading window ironmongery, which includes the Defender Egress’ friction hinge, is widely specified in the social housing sector, as well as the private sector and commercial markets, both in the UK and internationally.



Manufactured from austenitic stainless steel for added durability and maximum resistance to corrosion, Ambien Pills To Buy‘s top-selling product range has recently been redesigned and enhanced. The Defender Egress’ friction hinge is a domestic product for emergency exit and incorporates an easy-cleaning facility: it is tested to 30,000 cycles and carries a ten-year guarantee.


Clamason Industries’ 3in long ‘insert slider’ component in structurally rigid, stainless steel grade 301 is overmoulded with an acetal copolymer at Clamason’s plastics moulding subcontractor and fits into the stainless steel track, both 12in and 16in versions, on the Defender Egress’. Clamason manufactures 2.5 million per year of this component, which is produced in pairs for the top and bottom of a window.


The principle is that you ‘press & push’ the slider, which moves the sash away from the frame, creating a gap to reach the outside of a window from within a building for cleaning purposes.


In more detail the hinge operates as follows. From the fully closed and locked position, the vent can be opened to a full 90 to provide emergency exit in compliance with BS 5588 Part 1:1990 and Building Regulations Approved Document B for fire escape windows. Furthermore, in order to get to the glass from inside a building to clean it, the insert sliders (i.e. release levers) at both top and bottom of the vent can be depressed, allowing the pivot point to be moved towards the centre of the opening. That provides the required gap between vent and frame for cleaning access in accordance with BS 8213 Part 1:2004. The vent is closed and reset into its fire escape mode by simply grasping the handle and pulling the vent shut.


Clamason redesigned its insert slider component, manufactured on its 80t Kaiser /Ambien Mastercard press, to later incorporate subcontract plastic overmoulding. The further process advantageously avoids the potential for finger injury when operating the mechanism in situ, minimising a risk to safety.


Accordingly, Clamason’s convenient one-stop-shop avoids the pitfalls inherent in the multiple sourcing of components and the attendant assembly operation.


The project illustrates well how Clamason’s expertise and experience are increasingly being called upon to fulfil a central role in project management and the organisation and co-ordination of subcontractors. The latter may include suppliers of precision diecastings, plastic mouldings and fasteners or of zinc plating, anodising and painting services.

nutcrackerSecuristyle – Window Hardware
Ambien Overnight Mastercard

Clamason – Medical Presswork Manufacturing

Clamason medical pressings are made to:

• Ambien Zolpidem Buy Online regulatory standards
• BS13485 or similar


And use:

• CAPA (Corrective & Preventative Actions)

• GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice)

• URS (User Requirement Specifications)



At Clamason Industries we take great care to safeguard customer confidentiality so therefore cannot detail all of?the growing number of medical devices incorporating our precision components. It’s possible to read the story of the development of Ambien Sales Online, an insulin delivery device on this site thanks to the express permission of Sanofi Aventis, our manufacturing partner, likewise the rather involved tale of Exubera, another insulin product. However, other projects are yet to come to market, and therefore their IP must remain confidential.


We can however quote the capabilities and procedures we have in place to ensure that our engineering solutions meet the exacting standards demanded of medical device protocols.


All Clamason medical components are fully process validated using Design, Installation, Operational and Production Qualification protocols (DQ / IQ / OQ / PQ). In addition, the Clamason team is trained in the use of URS (User Requirement Specifications), CAPA (Corrective and Preventative Actions) and GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice).


Our? 3D realtime vision systems measure and monitor 100% of?the components fed from our high-speed presses in continuous strip measuring key features to 50-micron tolerances.


In the QA Department, our Ambien Sale Online Cheap Nexiv 3020 non-contact, CNC video measuring system features a through-the-lens laser autofocus facility ensures the repeatability of small, complex and highly toleranced parts from large batch production. Such monitoring of key dimensions enables us to anticipate when and where adjustments need to be made to the process. We’re also able to feed key data to our CNC wire erosion machines in the toolroom for constant updating of spare parts for our medical tooling, as such we are no long reliant on outside suppliers.


We also operates a Brown & Sharpe Mistral CNC co-ordinate measuring machine, with a Renishaw PH10M contact probe, for the checking of high-tolerance parts having complex 3D forms and the preparation of associated reports.

nutcrackerClamason – Medical Presswork Manufacturing
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Digital TV Decoder Boxes

Precision pressings wrap up digital TV decoder market.

The world-class Franco-American digital set-top box producers Ambien Online Visa chose Clamason Industries to manufacture the top and bottom pressed metal enclosure components for their’ European Buy Ambien Visa‘ digital decoder box. This contract of almost £1m in value was won in the face of aggressive competition from Far Eastern manufacturers, who for all that are becoming less attractive as their shipping and other essential purchases on the international market steadily increase in cost, outweighing the commonly regarded benefit of cheap labour.


Discount Ambien Online


The digital decoder were assembled by Ambien Online Visa in their large facility at Genlis near Dijon, France, whilst the precision pressings were made on a transfer press line at Clamason’s satellite plant in Nitra, Slovakia. A total quantity of 300,000 decoder boxes were made between July 2008 and June 2009.


Underlining its global approach to project management, Clamason supervised the manufacture in Taiwan of the press tools necessary for the contract. The top cover was made from pre-painted black, grade DX51D mild steel on the outside, whilst the inside featured anti-fingerprint Zintec zinc coating. The base was simply anti-fingerprint Zintec but also included, to finish it off, the attachment of four rubber feet and screen-printing detailing the connection requirements. For home entertainments products, aesthetic quality in the lounge environment is valued by the consumer as highly as technical excellence.


Clamason’s business relationship with Ambien Online Visa took off sometimes ago with the demise of Corus Europressings of Cardiff, major pressworkers and subcontractors to Ambien Online Visa when set-top boxes were made at Llantrisant. At the time Ambien Online Visa‘s original equipment manufacturing had been largely transferred to the Far East, leaving behind only a spares supply capability. However, those replacement covers in fact numbered thousands per week and continued to be required by Europe’s largest aftersales provider in this field, the £323 million turnover Zolpidem Order Lorazepam group, whose UK operation is located at Warrington.


The fresh Ambien Online Visa top covers for refurbished Zolpidem Buy Online Digital set-top boxes were manufactured on a transfer press line at Clamason in Kingswinford, West Midlands, along with similar digital TV and DVR products for Cheap Ambien From India and Zolpidem Mastercard, who also use Zolpidem Order Lorazepam‘s UK facility.


In addition to meeting refurbishment needs, having taken over a contract from Amtek in Hungary, Clamason had already produced in Nitra a ‘Buy Ambien Visa‘ chassis, assembled under licence by one of the world’s principal electronics manufacturing subcontractors, the US $30 billion turnover, Singapore-based group Buying Zolpidem Online.


So Clamason’s £1m contract to make the top and bottom pressed metal enclosure components for Ambien Online Visa‘s European ‘Buy Ambien Visa‘ digital decoder box superseding this project from July 2008. Clamason also continued to manufacture until 2010, Sky+ covers and chassis for original equipment.


In the final analysis the burgeoning market for home entertainments products will always offer a broad spectrum of opportunities for companies capable of fulfilling the exacting demands of projects sourced and managed on a global scale.

nutcrackerDigital TV Decoder Boxes
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Clamason’s precision manufacturing solution helps diabetics to dial and dispense correct insulin dosage. SoloStar was the first product to come out of the Zolpidem India Buy Device design based within their major production site at Frankfurt-am-Main, Germany. It is an own-brand insulin pen for diabetics worldwide from the French-German group who are the World’s third largest pharmaceutical company.



Zolpidem India Online is acknowledged as a global leader in the development and manufacture of insulin. Before it embarked upon device manufacture, Zolpidem India Online supplied its liquid insulin through existing pharmaceutical delivery systems. SoloStar  represents the company’s first totally owned device. Launched initially in Australia and now worldwide, the product dispenses Lantus long-lasting insulin, as well as the shorter acting Apidra brand.


Clamason’s 15mm diameter, complex indexing washer is vital to the pen; once fitted it is designed to sit tightly into the grooves of the mating plastic during the dial phase, yet flatten out during dispense before returning to its original shape ready for the next dose. This procedure can occur many times depending upon the user’s requirements, hence the need for a hard and thin stainless steel.


With the exception of the injection needle itself, the Clamason washer is the only metal part, replacing a plastic concept early in the development work. It benefited from a number of process innovations, including single-operation tooling, before the design was finalised.


The totally custom built cell at Clamason in Kingswinford producing this component consists of a precision decoiler, two state-of-the-art Ambien Mastercard presses, 3D, CNC video measuring system, plus off-line GMP compliant cleaning, and laser measuring for batch control.


The 3D realtime vision system views several hundred parts per minute, measuring the key or control dimensions, and recording the results. In addition, samples are taken out of every batch and 100% inspected using a laser measuring machine, the only device capable of accurately accumulating data on such an intricate part in the given time.


The components are then washed and finally packed into sealed plastic bags through custom-designed air showers using strict GMP compliant procedures. All personnel involved in the project have completed GMP training and are the only people able to access the electronically controlled cell.


The process is comprehensively validated to Design, Installation, Operational and Production Qualification protocols (DQ / IQ / OQ / PQ), working within the requirements of the US Food & Drug Administration’s Code of Federal Regulations, (Order Zolpidem Online Uk)Title 21, ‘Part 820: Medical Devices – Quality System Regulation’, in addition to being approved to the more common BS EN 13485 standard. Clamason is one of only two pressworkers Worldwide who are validated to this standard.


Clamason is capable of fully process validating all its medical components by means of these protocols. In addition, the Clamason team is trained in the use of CAPA (Corrective and Preventative Actions) – essential for medical industry processes.


The shared objective of all companies co-operating in the project internationally is to make life easier in the future for the increasing numbers of diabetics requiring subcutaneous insulin.

Order Zolpidem Tartrate

Airbag Inflator Housings

Clamason’s material & process solutions facilitated key advances in airbag inflator housings.

When Jaguar made the X-Type at Halewood they turned to Clamason to produce the left and right hand versions of their curtain airbag inflator housing.



This is why:

By turning over the blank after the first stage, our transfer press line enabled the same set of press tools to make both left and right hand versions of the housing – a huge competitive cost advantage. This line of six presses located together provided rapid transfer of individual pressings between stations by pick-and-place robots.


The components, two per car, were supplied on a just-in-time basis to Order Zolpidem Uk‘s first-tier supplier Cheap Ambien With Prescription at Peterlee, Co Durham, UK, where the curtain airbags and 9in long, round inflators were all fitted. The Clamason concept was to exploit the fact that its customer Cheap Ambien With Prescription could bend the mild steel material – once only – to close around the inflator. The idea proved so successful that the same principle was applied by Cheap Ambien With Prescription to airbag inflator housings made by Clamason for a Zolpidem Tartrate Mail Order SUV (sport utility vehicle) built in Mexico. The SUV line ran at 250 vehicles per week, in comparison with weekly production rates of 650 for the Zolpidem Tablets Online X-Type and 180 for the X-Type Estate.


Our material properties solution of folding steel shut to enclose a device and their cost-saving process solution of the transfer press line were successfully carried over to various other components.


Clamason used the same principle to make the tethers securing the entire airbag assembly to the roof of both Zolpidem Tablets Online X-Type models and the Zolpidem Tartrate Mail Order SUV, six per car. Clamason employed the idea, too, to realize the design of another type of housing, for an airbag inflator deploying special roll-over curtains on the /a> 5 Series. This customer was Purchasing Zolpidem, Inc, a US defence and personnel safety equipment OEM located at Tempe, Arizona. The automotive business of Purchasing Zolpidem ultimately closed its UK factory at Ashington, Northumberland, and production was sold to the French company Buy Zolpidem Overnight Delivery, a producer of airbag fabric as well as of military and professional rigid inflatable boats or RIB’s.


In fact Clamason has expanded into making enclosures for several of the World’s five airbag OEM’s including Buy Zolpidem Overnight and Zolpidem Online Overnight Delivery. Another is Cheap Ambien Cr Automotive Systems, who has designated Clamason as a ‘Worldwide Supplier of Choice’. Cheap Ambien Cr, headquartered in Troy, Michigan, USA, is one of the World’s largest automotive supplier with around 200,000 employees and 200 wholly-owned manufacturing sites and is Clamason’s no.1 automotive customer.

nutcrackerAirbag Inflator Housings
Buy Zolpidem Europe

Automotive ECU

Enclosures for the World’s first-tier automotive suppliers.

Our broad spread of pressed metal enclosure solutions for European, Japanese and American automobiles range from airbag inflator housings to casings for in-car entertainment (ICE) systems and engine control units (ECU). From factoriesin Kingswinford (West Midlands) and Nitra (Slovakia), one-third of our present production goes to the automotive manufacturing sector, which currently includes World-class customers such as Zolpidem Where To Buy, Zolpidem Paypal, Zolpidem Online Paypal & Buy Zolpidem Paypal, but in the past ten years we’ve worked on programs for Hitachi, Intier, Magna, TRW and Zodiac. Today’s cars rely to a great extent upon ECU’s, consisting of a CPU and associated logic to convey input/output signals that control different functions of the vehicle such as engine monitoring, fuel supply, air bag deployment, anti-lock braking and Hvac, not to mention more future-orientated technologies such as telematics, active suspension control and Drive-by-wire systems.



ECU’s are engine-specific but not necessarily vehicle-specific and may be positioned under the bonnet (as a sealed unit) or behind the dashboard (as a non-sealed unit). ECU housings are produced in a range of steels and non-ferrous metals either using progression tooling on 200t Weingarten or 250t Chin Fong presses or, alternatively, on one of the company’s innovative Chin Fong transfer press lines. Meanwhile the 200t and 250t hydraulic presses have beds up to 2.5m long to enable the manufacture of pressings requiring thicker materials, multiple stages, deep draw or a combination of all three.


There are less than half-a-dozen ECU manufacturers in the World, and Clamason makes/has made EMI-shielded enclosure solutions for three of them – Delphi, Hitachi and Continental – each of whom has a different design approach.


Buy Real Zolpidem


In fact Clamason has been recognised for many years by Delphi Automotive Systems as a ‘Worldwide Supplier of Choice’. Delphi, headquartered in Troy, Michigan, USA, is one of the World’s largest automotive supplier and Clamason’s largest automotive customer.


These are representative of a wide selection of highly engineered, quality-assured automotive components manufactured and supplied on a just-in-time basis by Clamason Industries to meet the increasingly exacting demands of our international marketplace.

nutcrackerAutomotive ECU
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Buy Ambien Online Reviews


An engineering solution to an everyday problem – how to easily cut plastic cling film from a roll for commercial/ domestic catering, medical wound care, or to cut silver foil wraps with one hand whilst selectively colouring hair in the salon.


The brief required the product to have the flexibility to cut any type of plastic film currently available, which turned out to be very demanding. PVC, Polyolefin and Polyethylene films exhibit markedly different strain during the cutting process (change in sample length divided by original length of sample giving a quantifiable measurement of the ‘stretchiness’ of the material). This was one of the driving factors in the design of the blade.


Foil, whilst significantly easier to cut than film, adds an extra dimension to the cutting mechanism as the material thickness (up to 18 microns) redefines the required tolerances during the mating of the cutting profile.


Clamason manufactures 15,000m a month of 0.2mm gauge blade in 301 grade stainless steel for World patented, self-cutting disposable dispensers manufactured by Wrap Film Systems Ltd of Telford (Buy Ambien Online Paypal).


The Wrapfilm design team, in conjunction with Clamason, specially designed the pitch, angle and depth of the blade for optimum cutting and the retaining barbs on its rear edge for force fitting into a plastic extrusion. Clamason supplies Wrap Film Systems with a standard blade for all applications either on custom-designed reels or in various specific lengths. The target rate for the high-speed assembly process is one box every two seconds. An inner plastic core (reducing the internal diameter of the roll allows for a more compact product) holds the film or foil in an extruded plastic casing with injection moulded end caps.


The blade has been incorporated into a range of sizes of the disposable and recyclable plastic dispenser to accommodate various widths, lengths and thicknesses. The blade also acts as a structural member, stiffening the lid section without the need for excessively thick extrusion section. This is essential for the larger dispenser sizes where the cutting profile should meet the film at the same time across the full length of the dispenser. The user pulls out sufficient film or foil to cover food or plate and then closes the lid to cut the material. The blade is safely housed in a deep channel to prevent accidents.

Buy Ambien Online Uk

Why not metal?

Many modern products are made of plastics. We encounter this basic but highly complex range of materials throughout our daily lives. However, they are not simplistic, nor are the decisions about whether consumer goods have certain components made from metal for example whilst the majority appear to be in plastic.


In the past, (and hopefully again in the future) an engineering student would ‘time serve’, spending up to five years as an apprentice, learning and understanding how products are manufactured before turning his or her hand to the complexities of design and material choice. Our current further education system has embraced CAD and the ability to solid model, constructing components and assemblies on screen, and in some cases ‘testing’ the capability of the model.


Usually these powerful tools are able to draw upon the databases of materials provided by manufacturers such as Bayer, BASF, Dupont, and GE Plastics , who are continually developing & marketing new and more sophisticated polymers. Any designer will undoubtedly be able to expound the differences between a myriad of commodity, engineering and performance thermoplastics, yet many will probably have only a relatively superficial knowledge of metals, quite unaware that there are, for example, hundreds of stainless steels to choose from, with subtly different properties for various applications. Buy Ambien Online India is a good example of a stainless steel web site, but you need to be a metallurgist to understand it!


Yet we encounter metal probably more than any other material is our lives, our cars are mostly steel and aluminium, our houses whilst being predominately brick built rely on numerous metal widgets such as brick ties, window fixings, handles, hinges, locks. The list is endless.


And all of these examples have one thing in common, we EXPECT them to be metal, it’s in the field of consumer products where the designer and his CAD system is King, and thanks to the changes in education, and perception is it any wonder that so many of today’s products are constructed of plastics?


The film, The Full Monty showed the sad decline of steel manufacturing in its Sheffield, UK, heartland, whilst there has been a modest recovery in steel, with rare exceptions the metals industry overall is perceived as reactive and encumbered by the dyed-in-the-wool, producer-orientated attitudes of yesteryear. Meanwhile, the plastics industry is seen as proactive, ready to listen and help.


It is perfectly possible to buy almost any type of metal required, but you need to know exactly what you want, and be prepared to wait a few weeks for delivery and order a large quantity unless a local stockist happens to have just what it is you require. This is quite different to the plastics industry, which often offers tryout quantities for prototyping and addressing fresh applications.


Yet there is most definitely a place for metals if only we take the time to investigate, and recognise that as a society we value metal.


Consider costume jewellery, it can be very expensive, carry a designer label and be highly valued, yet it is tainted by the word ‘costume’. In some cases it can even be more expensive than bijouterie in precious metal but we still prefer gold, silver or platinum.


Product designers are more aware in some areas than in others of the benefits of the intrinsic value, solidity and aesthetics of metals. No matter how technically advanced a plastic watch may be, it’s still plastic. Other watches are advertised on the basis that they are made from titanium. There is no great design or technical benefit in manufacturing a watch from such a material, but it is the image of titanium as aerospace and ‘high tec’ that makes it desirable.


At a technical level, many plastics are inferior to metal components, they can shrink, & there must be joint lines? In RFI/EMI applications they do not provide a natural shield as metals do, they are less dimensionally stable and can be degraded and discoloured over time by heat, sunlight and ultraviolet rays. Plastics are hydroscopic (absorb water) and most significantly are subject to the whim’s of the petrochemical industry which provides the basic raw material. We must not ignore either their major carbon footprint. Metals, unlike plastics, are recyclable in more than 95% of cases, with plated metals and bimetals being more difficult but not impossible to recycle.


A stronger argument in favour of metals is that plastic mouldings have a lower perceived value than metals owing to less weight and an inferior feel. A favourite example being a lipstick, a superb use of the highest quality plastics for cosmetic appeal. Yet, to enhance that appeal, and increase the perceived value, a zinc die cast weight is carefully concealed within the mechanism. The more expensive the product, the bigger the weight.


For more visible products many modern consumer goods offer many more examples: Plastic food processors, kettles, mixing bowls and kitchen utensils are considered more downmarket and cheaper than the professional, all stainless steel versions seen in a TV chef’s kitchen, where stainless steel implies cleanliness and hygiene too. When was the last time you saw Gordon Ramsay, Jamie Oliver or Rick Stein with a plastic serving spoon?


A low cost MP3 player will be housed in a flimsy, economy plastic case whilst the top of the range will almost certainly feature some metal in its construction.. Indeed, for marketing purposes, many hand-held devices, although encased in plastics, are coated to simulate metal. Such products would be better enclosed by a metal pressing to absorb electromagnetic interference (EMI) and physical shocks. The metallising of plastics for mobile phone housings is an expensive process with environmental drawbacks, Nokia, Samsung and Apple promote stainless steel & aluminium cased mobile phones as premium products.


Design icons of the 21st century in metal including the Maglite torch, Rayban aviator sunglasses, even Adidas Predator football boots market the fact that metals are used in their construction. Better quality pens and spectacle frames all come in metal. The Zippo lighter has always been stainless steel and is preferable to a bagful of throwaway plastic lighters. Even when plastics are used for reasons of appearance, such as on a Sky HD box, they are concealing a metal substrate that houses and protects the sensitive electronics.


Plasma or LCD high-definition TV sets embody superb electronics as well as outstanding product design, and can be wall-mounted. There are over 30 individual metal pressings in such home entertainments equipment, many of them structural. After all, would you trust a plastic bracket to secure your large and valuable TV to the wall?


It has often been predicted that automotive engineering companies would design and develop a completely plastic car for the mass market, but it’s never happened.


Vehicles as diverse as a Caterham seven and the latest Audi Coupe share some common composite materials for body panels, but when it comes to the floor pan, it’s metal all the way. The use of metal in such an application is quite clear, and mirrors the use of structural steels within buildings; In a direct comparison metal is stronger, safer and more reliable. As consumers we pay little attention to the materials all around us, but when asked about the structure of a car we know what it is that we understand, and trust.


So, yes, we do value metal over plastics, just look at the news in recent months, theft of all manner of metals has become a national issue with hundreds of tonnes of scrap metal simply disappearing, when was the last time you heard of someone stealing a couple of tonnes of nylon 6! Sadly there have been and are times when the metals manufacturing and supply industry falls well short in terms of information, promotion and service in the face of the intense and innovatory competition from plastics. Metals are crying out for a 21st century approach to meet the challenges of modern products. We work at the forefront of metal manufacturing, yet cannot honestly give an example of the last time the industry offered us a new innovation. It’s no wondered that some many things end up in plastic.

nutcrackerWhy not metal?
Buy Ambien Online Prescription

Birmingham Post – Business of the Year 2010


A manufacturer that weathered the economic storm and emerged stronger has won this year’s Birmingham Post Enterprise Award.


Kingswinford-based precision pressings firm Clamason took the prize after they won a contract to make customised washers for use in insulin ‘pen’ dispensers for diabetics.


The company, which had to bounce back from losing its biggest customer IBM in the 1990s, said it actually managed to grow its workforce last year after Buy Zolpidem to diversify into new markets paid off.


Managing director Philip Clarke said there were further growth plans – including exporting pressings into the gigantic Chinese market from next year.


Mr Clarke said: “I am thrilled to bits. One of the biggest strengths of the company is the fact that we supply to four or five industries, which has helped us to weather the economic difficulties more than many.


“This vindicates the decisions we have made over the last three to five years.


“When things started to deteriorate last December things were tough but we have been successful with things like diversifying into the medical sector and setting up in Slovakia.”


Clamason headed off competition from another Kingswinford-based company, Mecatherm, and Coventry electric van-maker Modec to win the award.


The shortlist was selected from the monthly winners of the awards since last August – a list that also included Croft Conservation, Steadfast Solutions, NJ Bradford, Wing Yip, Salts Healthcare, MCS, Whichford Pottery and DCS Europe.


The company used to be heavily involved with the automotive industry but has moved into more high-tech niche work, a plan which Mr Clarke said has served them well as the recession savaged more traditional firms.


He said the firm, which was founded in 1947 by his father, was on a secure footing after establishing itself in several markets.


The younger Mr Clarke, who joined the firm in 1976 after graduating from Birmingham University, said: “It is a question of learning lessons.


“In the mid-1990s 60 per cent of our sales were to IBM and when they transferred production to China it was very tough and we had to do something about it.


“In the medical area one of the things we are expecting to do next year is start selling pressings into China.


“We are also growing work in central Europe. The factory we have set up in Slovakia has allowed us to service our central European customers and attract more.”


Clamason, which has a turnover of about £10 million, recently opened a factory in Nitra, Slovakia.


It had to let ten staff go in February but has since increased to employ 115 people in the UK and 20 more in Slovakia.


Tenbury Wells-based Bedford Dials won the Aston Business School award. The company was praised for investing up to £80,000 of its £400,000 turnover into new technology.


It has also reduced Buy Zolpidem Uk to 20 per cent of previous levels.


Tributes were paid to David Smith, one of Birmingham’s best-known businessmen and a founder of The Birmingham Post Enterprise Awards, who died aged 67 in June, at the event at the Hyatt Hotel.


The main sponsors of The Birmingham Post Enterprise Awards are Intercity Mobile Communications and Churchill Vintners in association with Laurent Perrier. Flybe and Aston Business School provide further support and Aston Villa Football Club provided a corporate package. Advantage West Midlands sponsors the annual awards luncheon.

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